Special Considerations Under State Nomination

Changes have been announced by the Tasmanian State Government to relax the employment history criteria for State nomination in response to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.


In the past months, a very common topic of our conversations with our clients have been what to expect in the new Migration Year when the States/Territories announce their nomination policies. Recent full-time, skilled work experience in a closely related occupation within the relevant State/Territory for onshore applicants have often been part of nomination requirement. Those who had planned for a future invitation based on meeting this requirement might have been affected by the economic downturn of COVID-19.


The changes announced by the Tasmanian State Government means those who had started off on the pathway to gain relevant work experience but were affected by the economic effects of COVID-19 pandemic would still have a chance of obtaining a State nomination. This policy change hopefully will set precedent to other States and Territories in providing a reasonable and compassionate solution to onshore applicants’ predicaments.



As usual, we urge our clients that time is of essence and any advise is only based on the current regulation, policies and selection criteria. So if you  have an option to move forward with a visa process, please make sure you take the right steps forward asap.


At Infinite migration Australia, we have helped many skilled migrants with complex cases. We can help you identify the best pathway from eligibility assessment stage throughout to application lodgement and finalisation.



Changes in Tasmania state nomination criteria related to COVID 19


The following information may change in response to decisions made by the Australian Government in relation to the Skilled Migration Program COVID-19 response. The Tasmanian Government may also introduce further changes to the state nomination program in response to COVID-19 or to align with the skills needs of the state. It is therefore important that you continue to check this website for any changes before applying for nomination.


Flexibility will be applied to applicants genuinely affected by COVID-19 employment stand-downs before or after meeting the mandatory 6 month full-time employment.

Each application will be considered on its merits according to the particular industry, the skills of the applicant, and the likelihood of being able to return to and maintain full time in the future.


In general we will consider the following factors:

  • A minimum 3 months full time employment up to the closure or business / reduction in hours.
  • Full-time employment ceased directly due to a COVID-19 related closedown or restriction.
  • There is a reasonable likelihood of being able to return to employment (full or part-time) after the workplace restrictions have been lifted (i.e a written evidence from employer).


Reduction in hours from full-time to part-time as a result of COVID-19 restrictions will be considered with leniency.

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