Amanda Wu


The new Partner visa changes commence from 17 April 2019

Subsequent to our earlier post in January regarding the proposed changes to the Partner visa structure, the Department had made further announcements yesterday. The new Partner visa changes will commence from 17 April 2019 Following passage of Migration Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill in December 2018, the Governor‑General yesterday proclaimed that Schedule 1 of the Migration Amendment (Family Violence

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New Skilled Occupation List Announced

New legislative instruments came into affect on 11th March 2019 to allow for a number of changes to the MLSOL, STSOL and ROL in Australia. These  changes might allow you and your family to migrate to Australia. There are now even more avenues available in order to achieve your visa goals with a number of new occupations added to the Medium

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Newly Announced Temporary Long Stay Parent Subclass 870 Visa

Temporary Long Stay Parent Visa   Further announcements have been made for the long anticipated Temporary Long Stay Parent visa.   Minister Coleman has announced on 1st March that the new five year sponsored parent visa, the Subclass 870 Parent (Temporary) Visa, will be open for application on 17 April 2019.   From the Department’s website, which provides further information

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Why You should Lodge your Onshore Partner Visa ASAP

  Onshore partner visa applicants have always enjoyed the rights similar to those who have already been granted the visa, ie. Medicare, the right to remain in Australia; to work; to ability travel and return to Australia etc. This is all dependent on the applicant being able to lodge a valid application whilst in Australia. The Bill The Family Violence

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