Graduate Skilled 485 Visa

Why Graduate Skilled 485 Visa Might be the Visa You Need


This visa has becoming more popular as it provides recent graduates with the opportunity to make plans for their future.

Here are some reasons why the graduate skilled subclass 485 visa might be suitable for you.

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Graduate Skilled 485 Visa has no work limitation

When the visa is granted, and in most cases whilst on bridging visa waiting for its grant, it provides the applicant (and sometimes dependants) full work rights. This therefore allows the graduate to commence their full-time employment, or at least being able to say to their potential employer that they could work on full time basis.


Some Breathing Space

It is stressful when you obtain your course results just before your student visa expires. But even with a week or so to spare, the graduate skilled 485 visa can still be validly lodged. This would then allow you the opportunity to remain in Australia as a holder of bridging visa. The operative work is ‘valid visa’ of course. Understanding the at the time of lodgement criteria is essential to ensure this.

This will give you the opportunity to leave the visa application to us, whilst you focus on more important things like attending interviews or planning that graduation trip!


The Visa Can be Valid for Four Years

Depending on the course/s you’ve finished and when your first student visa was granted to you, the graduate skilled subclass 485 visa can be valid from 18 to 48 months. This is usually enough time for graduates to ‘test the water’ and make a decision on what they’d like to do moving forward.

It helps to know how long you will have on your 485 visa. Knowing the timeframe allows us to help with planing your next steps with


Get Those Work Experience In Order

Most skilled visa nowadays requires the applicant to show highly relevant skilled full time experience. This means in most cases, students cannot commence accumulating work experience until they graduate.

Having the full work rights during the waiting time and the visa period means you might have an opportunity to gain work experience for additional points and meet employer sponsored visa requirements.


A Substantive Visa that Allows you to Apply for any other Subsequent Visa

The 485 visa usually does not have a no further stay condition attached to it. It allows the holder to apply for other visas whilst onshore. Therefore, be able to enjoy subsequent bridging visas and review rights if required.


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