Partner Visa 2020-21 English Language Requirement Announced

The department of Home Affairs has announced proposed changes to include an additional requirement on the partner visas that English language obligation to be implemented for both the applicant and sponsor. This requirement is estimated to begin toward the end of 2021 to obtain a permanent partner visa. We encourage those who were planning on proceeding with a partner visa to do so as soon as possible to avert the English requirement being applicable. The changes are set to also impact those who are sponsors that are not citizens of Australia. However, encouraging news is that Family Stream places will increase from 47,732 to 77,300 places in the 2020-21 Migration Program year.

 Please contact the Infinite Migration team so that we can help you assess whether you are eligible for the partner visa at this time. 


What are the proposed English requirements for the partner visa? 

  • Demonstrate at least functional English OR  
  • Demonstrate reasonable attempt to learn English before applying for the permanent partner visa (subclass 801/100) by completing 500 hours of free English classes through the Adult Migration English Program. The permanent partner visa can be applied for at least 2 years after the temeporay visa ( 820/309)was applied

What is the proposed sponsorship changes?

  • A Mandatory background check will be conducted on sponsors and the information shared with the applicant
  • Permanent Visa Australian sponsors who are not from an English speaking background would also be required to demonstrate reasonable attempt to learn English

What should I do next?

It is imperative to have your partner visa eligibility assessed so you can plan ahead of the changes. Potential sponsors may also consider obtaining Citizenship if not already.

Detailed information is to be released by the Department of Home Affairs will be released in the coming months. 



Read more about the visa here. 


Source: Australian Budget 2020-21

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