Pearson PTE Academic test shortens and launches online version

Pearson announced the welcome news for visa applicants on 7 September 2021, confirming that the PTE academic test has been shortened from three hours to two hours instead. They further confirmed that online remote testing will be an option. The shorter test will follow the same format and scoring system as the current PTE Academic test center exam. Pearson will implement the changes on 16 November 2021.

PTE Academic two-hour test

The PTE Academic will have fewer questions but will still have the same format and assessment criteria. The shorter unchanged format allows candidates to continue preparing in the same manner. The test will now be 2 hours. The same universities and professional bodies will still accept the shorter PTE Academic test.

Pearson is also launching PTE Academic Online

The PTE test will also be available to be completed remotely. The test format would remain the same. However, the online test will not be accepted for visa purposes. Some participating universities will accept the online test. It is recommended that you check with your intended university that the test will be accepted before booking the test. The online test will also be available to take from 16 November 2021.


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